Monthly Archives: November 2012

[Infographic] How Audi Cornered The Indian Car Market on Facebook

Without a doubt, India is credited for driving the fortunes of car brands around the world. As the upwardly mobile population convert their two wheels for four, India is adding well over 7,000 cars to the road network every single …

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Move Over Burberry, Dior Becomes The Top Luxury Brand on Social Media

Do we like luxury brands because we buy the products they make or because it defines our personal brand? Regardless of the answer, luxury brands are taking to social media like fish to water, with fans desperate to find out …

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How Red Bull Became The Number One Beverage On Facebook

When Red Bull decided to sponsor Felix Baumgartner’s record attempt to jump from the edge of space, they probably had a good inclination that it would be a good PR stunt. A PR stunt it might have been, but it …

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