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How UPS Turns Logistics into Super Engaging Social Media Content

This article by Unmetric first appeared on the Pivotcon blog on the 14th September. The article has been republished here.

Have you seen some of the recent adverts from UPS? Careful, because if you do, then you might be singing their jingle all day long. “Tagged and scanned, tracked and traced, that’s logistics.” Check any of UPS’ social media channels and you will find interesting, regularly updated content that intelligently weaves in logistics like this uplifting advert below.

In terms of raw fans, UPS has a slight edge over arch rival FedEx, and dwarfs the likes of USPS and DHL.… Continue Reading...

Heineken’s Facebook Engagement Reaches For The Stars

Heineken Facebook Page

Heineken is something of a Jupiter sized gas giant (but not full of gas, of course) when it comes to beer brands on social media. They just crossed 8m fans this month, which makes all the other beer brands look like Pluto-esque dwarf planets by comparison (although I’m at pains to point out that unlike Pluto, Bud Light, Budweiser and Carlsberg have not yet been downgraded from their current classification of being a beer). Infact, no other alcoholic brand even holds a solar sized flare to the total number of fans Heineken has.

Beer Brands' Growth on Facebook

In the last 30 days, Heineken has seen its fanbase grow by over 4.3%.… Continue Reading...

How Intel’s Cheeky Photo Went Viral on Facebook

It’s not just processors that Intel knows how to do well. They know a thing or two about marketing those processors as well. A straw poll in my office revealed that nearly everyone could ‘bommm‘ the Intel jingle that is played with every ad they show. As brands have become more social over the last few years, Intel’s marketing excellence has translated into a social media presence that is second to none.

We were first alerted to Intel’s amazing content strategy on Facebook when we received an email alert from the Unmetric platform that basically said “look, Intel has done something incredible, go and check it out“.… Continue Reading...