Monthly Archives: February 2012

KLM Winning The European Airlines Social Media Battle

With interesting posts, quirky social media campaigns, more fans, higher fan growth rates and a whole lot of social media love, KLM are the undisputed European kings of social media for airlines. Their latest campaign, encouraging people to ‘stewardess’ themselves (Ryan Air take note: you can use stewardesses, get huge publicity and not have to resort to innuendo) and in the process got well over 55,000 new fans in just 7 days, encouraged people to share their snaps and invite their friends to try it out for themselves.

The campaign itself is a lot like past social media campaigns like Yearbook Yourself where you take a photo and it digitally inserts it in to a scene and using a few basic brightness / contrast controls you can make it very nearly almost look like you as a stewardess or a pilot.… Continue Reading...

Yahoo Social Media Overwhelmingly Appeals To Millenial Females

A recent report from UKOM/Neilsen research showed that the average Yahoo searcher was aged 55 or over and Google had a more balanced spread of age demographics. This got us thinking about whether these findings would translate to their social media profiles so we fired up the Unmetric app and added the fan pages for Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The first thing to note is that Bing’s Facebook page is dedicated to their search engine whereas the Google and Yahoo’s fan pages cover a far wider range of products and therefore it’s not surprising that Bing is lagging far behind when it comes to raw numbers of fans.… Continue Reading...

Republican Presidential Candidate Elections Social Media Update 2

Takeaway: The Santorum social media surge matches the surge in popularity in the polls as he beats all other candidates in every social media benchmark tracked by Unmetric.

  • In the past week Santorum has achieved a higher fan growth rate, added more fans, posted more often and has the best engagement compared to the other three candidates.
  • Gingrich’s social media efforts seem to have stalled, only managing to add just over a third of the number of fans compared to Ron Paul
  • All candidates saw lower growth rates and engagement scores this week compared to last week even though Romney, Paul and Gingrich made slightly more posts compared to last week
  • Ron Paul continues to be unexceptional in social media, reflecting his performance in the polls, despite a loud and voracious online following

Fan Growth

Taken in isolation the fan growth is not a great indicator but compared and benchmarked against competitors and the sector as a whole the social media manager can see how well the candidates are reaching more people as the campaign rolls on.… Continue Reading...